Cheesey May the 4th post? Yes.

In truth, though, there’s something more. I pulled out some of my favorite figures from my collection, over *cough* 30 years old. Fading, Princess Leia missing a foot from one of my childhood dogs, not reticulated or shiny. A group of love and time worn toys, much like the characters at the end of the movies and our own tenacity on sometimes sand trap strewn days. Yep, we battle the dark and light within and without. I held this diverse little set of characters, along with the  others I have, in my tiny hands, a force all my own – my imagination.

Theatrical pomp and circumstance and creativity aside, there’s a reason many find an affinity with these movies and that most, thought not all, of the characters, Empire and Rebel. The memorable phrases extend beyond the movie to our own rebellions and our sometime power hungry ways. The themes are transcendent. We “get” the struggle, the hope, the frustration, the anger tinged with guilt. Male or female, we want to be the hero; we want to be found by the hero. And we are, but sometimes we forget.

Even those who haven’t seen the movies, know what a light saber is and, likely, have all envisioned wielding one, to strike down foes, physical or emotional. Tiny, green, pointed-ear, focused and timeless Yoda, that wisdom of truth and faith. Believe, we should. Achieve, we can. My figures bare the marks of playing in the dirt, skinning trees, breaking “princess” molds like Leia. Beautiful. Sensual, she could be. Tough, smart, stalwart Leia. Even with her chewed off foot and missing cape, she seems remarkable to me, poised on my window sill.

Hans, arrogant, but aware. Growing into sacrifice, something that he would turn to as a father, as I am now a mother. Loyal Chewbacca. Luke. Learning, hurting, conquering with love and commitment to truth and light. Furry, funny and fierce Ewoks. Droids that surpassed their circuitry. Evil dictators finding that their defeat comes from their ignorance from narcissim. Yeah, we meme it and we play on words it (maybe even a shameless dog in a blanket posing as Obi wan  🙂 – see photo below), but in the end there is something about Star Wars….

Truly, may the force be with you.


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