Be love

Time passes. Some things change. Some things stay the same. And in the markers of each year that tell us of the passage of time, from days to weeks to months, through the seasons, we think of where we’ve been of who we are and the millions of steps we’ve taken to arrive where we stand.

I have, over the years, at various times thought Valentine’s Day sweet, commercialized, a chance for scented hearts and Hallmark glory. It is all. It is none.

Love is the word that defines all that we should be. Valentine’s Day can be a chance to think on that and to share it with with chocolates or a carefully chosen word. 15 years ago on this day, I was at the start of a particular segment of my life, one that brought me two remarkable children, two children who surely teach and learn love every day.

7 years ago on this day, months having passed since a major change, life seemed confused.Valentine’s Day seemed confused.

4 years ago I wrote a poem as Valentine’s Day (…/i-will-be-my-valentine/)
approached, not of pining or solitude, but from years of healing and of reminded awareness, that within me, within each of us, is the real, solid, strong opportunity to be LOVE wherever we are.

I have tried, sometimes failing and sometimes not, to live forward, hearing and speaking in ways that would help me grow, to keep God first. I have been shown the errors of choices and the light of forgiveness, the mercy of each new day.

2 years ago on this day, I was sent a Valentine’s Day card by a man, Chris Worthington. The card stated simply how he appreciated the time we’d had together and how he looked forward to whatever was to come. Over these years he became a best friend, a confidante, cheerleader, comforter, goofiness companion, faith partner…a steady hand to receive and offer support. Our children have become best friends.

And now…this Valentine’s Day, I stand in awe.

Why write this here? Why not jot this simply on the pages of a notebook or in a card?

Aside from being a writer and, with that, the compelling force that sometimes drives me to share, share, share words, I want us all to remember that hope does spring eternal and around the corner is always the chance to understand a part of a plan that seems so out of sorts to us.

Life can be hard. Very hard.

In all the guards we place around ourselves, hurt can still get in, and we must be patient with the twists of our paths, others, and ourselves, as we move forward.

This past year has been filled with tremendous challenges with health and discovery of self. God was with me, teaching me, redirecting me, sometimes tripping me up a bit to save me from myself, and reminding me, even (maybe especially) as of late that I must put trust in Him. My wall coming down came with anxiety. I am grateful for a hand that understands and all of the really fabulous cheering around us.

My family has been truly blessed by Chris and his son in our lives and Chris’s amazing family. (Thank you Robyn and Richard for the love!)

So I offer you this, words of today and tomorrow, we must go onward and wait on what we may not know.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Be love!


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