The Legacy of Bobbie B

In my heart the past couple of days was that the world had lost another bright light in the passing of Bobbie Bullen (Mom B, as I called her), a beloved and deeply appreciated friend. I realized that to say that, though, would be to stray from the power that was Bobbie Bullen. Her light will continue to touch people who have never had the chance to meet her, through her husband, children (including their spouses – she loved them as her own), grandchildren, sister, cousins and friends because her mark remains. She taught her love and led kindness through profound example, choosing what is just over what is easy.

That twinkle in her eye.

Compassion seemed to come naturally to her, but the softness with which she could show care came with a fierceness. A fierceness that would not tolerate neglect, rejection or disrespect of others. I have much I could say about the specifics of how she walked with me in words through a dark period, aching with me, but I don’t want this to be about my challenges. I’d rather, in the dark as I reflect, think on the hope that was in her, that when she told me she loved me and her heart broke for me, she meant it. She helped to heal.

Don Bullen, adored husband. Your laugh will always remind me of her. You two and laughter, a song you sang so well. She so respected and appreciated how you have led the family.

Don Bullen, son, and your beautiful wife Michelle, your two incredible daughters, Hannah and Sarah Beth, whose tenacity and commitment were something their grandmother relished and I am sure contributed to.

Dan Bullen and your vibrant wife Amy Jo, and your amazing daughter, Allison, who she loved to learn things from and to pass the learning on.

Doug Bullen, and your spirit-filled wife Lydia and your delightful son Joshua, who reminded her of her own days of motherhood to toddlers.

Aunt Nancy, how she loved to go off on your adventures together. It didn’t need to be anywhere grand; it was the time with you that she loved.

Her darling dogs….

I am not sure yet how to imagine not being able to share with her or to look at the pictures she shares or stories she tells. The saved messages I have will likely be returned to many times.

Shortly after the call on Friday, I sent her a text message because it felt like it would somehow help. It read: “I will always love and be grateful to you, Mom B., for the light and rock you were. You left your mark of love in all you did and your family on this Earth. Dance with Jesus now.”

And I think we should all dance with her as we continue on. She is hoping that for us.

Mrs. Bobbie Bullen, I love you.

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