For Now, I Guess

This dust could make you
clean away the purer parts of
yesterday, if you don’t  take a
deeper breath and wait instead
of trying to guess.

Don’t throw away the broken
tears that water the doubt
and cast apathy out.
You’re not a pretender, but
refuse to surrender.

If I could dilate your heart,
light could fill the parts
that you cast to the dark.
Despair’s a sin against
the hope that lives.

That gives.

We gave each other something
we had no hands to hold,
or we decided to fold,
to pick up something else,
but what’s that tell me?

I’ll run; you’ll dive into
colder water, warmed to
the core,  to rise.
And the pain won’t yield to
the disguise.

We’re so strong that we have
to push away the fight left
so…so deep, try to get a
little sleep. Try to rest our

You’ll keep the wheels from
turning on the road, from
coming to the door, and will
it be easier than before to leave
it empty and ignored?

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