How does one kiss leave so slowly,
Find me lonely, waiting and hoping
Looking for whys in the sky when
They’re not there, but here somewhere
And reaching for knowing, but there’s
Nothing that’s showing the way through
Today, to tomorrow, past sorrow
So I wait.

I pray in the darkness, that apart this
won’t break me. My faith needs to
breathe free on knees weak from
doubting. Shouting, I’m pleading,
in need of grace in this place
and all days in all ways. I now
praise while I’m waiting.
I will wait.

Close my eyes to realize what became
in the rain. On that street, unsure feet,
lips meet. Catch my breath. Sharing beats,
hearts ache 81 blocks straight;
It’s too late. Plane won’t wait.
That first and last day and I see
you stay until I drive away.
But I wait.

Did I say, I can’t trust, but I must
reach for hope first and thirst
for the Word, so pure, it’s sure to
cure this hurt. City cried,
good-bye to your time and mine.

Not next in line, this great divide
Prepares to decide.
I could wait.

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