The Try

When we look out at the many faces we see, those we know and those we don’t, they reflect no two people who are the same. This is good. This has purpose. For God, in all His wonder, envisioned each unique path and gave it life.  He created us to be different, beautiful and magnificent.  If we could but greet each day to this truth, that we have at the moment a purpose distinctly ours that rises above any role we might choose. There is no other than can fill the place of you.  The absence of any one of us would indeed impact the world no matter what contributions we feel we have or have not made.

We are charged with something multiples grander than any number assigned to us through income, age weight or family size. We are to be each our oneness and to be very much a part of everything. We arch our backs with both those who suffer and those who torture.

DSC_0438When I look at the wholeness of my body and heart, decorated with scars seen and unseen, glorious in the folds of skin, pinching at the muscles and fat of my arms, I know that through hurt and joy my  meaning on this Earth is no more or less than any other. The medical victories and war torn countries, the oppressions, the struggles and laughter of my children, and my own heart’s laments and leaps seem all woven together in the lines on my hands.

And what of these lines? To where do they lead?

To live.

To live to be the piece I am in all of this and to see the pieces we all are.

However meaningless, tedious or tiresome a part of our journey may be, we own each moment we are able to breathe in the air that travels the world.

A newsfeed of births, birthdays, deaths, disdain, bitter words and encouragement DSC_0488shouted is but a single grain of sand.

Each heartbeat beckons us onward, to live.  TO LIVE.

We live and our imprint remains in some ways that we will never know.

Let us seek love and hope and be mindful of the way us all being different is what we share.

Let us live to be the try.

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