Let us sleep

Camp out in the living room tonight. I let them believe it was for them, a simple yes to their request, for they do not need to know how I want to watch them sleep, breathing in a slow steady rhythm my heart knows so well. That tonight I wanted to hear them turn in their sleep, imagine happy dreams are their peace from the hurried and hard days that life can bring. They…we are all more than the misconceptions, miscommunications and marginalizations. We all stand closer to the same than we know amidst the easy shouting of social media. We are losing opportunities while we post. We are losing lives while we rush. I love my country, diversity, tradition and the heart of the town I have watched grow with me. I love the preciousness of life and mourn its loss. I love these two children and the power of what they can do with the hope stirring within them while they sleep. May peace and courage in quiet and patient conviction be the impetus to just pause for a moment and hear the song of someone’s breathing.



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