Jack Douglas

Dear Jack Douglas,

Welcome to a family filled with a whole bunch of loving people.

Your Mommy and Daddy, Paige and Matt , have beautiful pictures to show you some day of the days leading up to you. 🙂 They loved you from the first day they knew of you.

Your Grandma is my God-mother. She and your Grandpa Jack have got a lot of love to give. ❤ Enjoy!11737893_10100771416711955_1719201472508043399_n

I think you’ll find your aunt and uncle to be a lot of fun, and they can teach you awesome things about life. If you listen well, you’ll probably find out some funny stories about your Daddy too.

Life will be hard some days; drink extra milk. And easy others; relax on the blankie.
Some things that seem tough are good for you, like diaper changes.
Pain passes, just as a tooth breaks through.
Challenges are overcome; you will figure out the whole motor coordination bit.

Most of all, just be hopeful. Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces will return to the side of the crib and by your side for your whole life, cheering you on.
Be you, little guy!

Cousin Debbie

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