76 94 16 40

’76, Born.
’94, 18. Graduated High School. 

In 16 days in 2016 40.

I will turn 40 with every laugh line, scar, blonde-brown-grey hair. I will turn 40 with the wins and losses of life lived with potholes, peaks and purpose.
I will turn 40 with the love of family and friends in my pocket, which social media has no lock on. I will turn 40 with trophies and medals buried in boxes, my job – to live on.

I will turn 40 with loved ones struggling, illness and wellness and hoping. I will turn 40 remembering when 4 decades seemed distant, not daunting, but of another generation’s belongings. I will turn 40 with questions and answers and the chance to celebrate every…step.

I will turn 40 single, serious and silly, wandering and wondering and determinedly stumbling, bouncing and believing. I will turn 40 confident that courage is not only cased in jumps at high places, but in a steady pace through doubting and faith.

I will turn 40 having given and received, taught and learned and listened and talked and trusted and ached and run full speed into places with no finish line, to smile or cry or accept defeat and try to keep my head held high. I will turn 40 loved. I will turn 40 a child and a still learning to walk adult, so very precious to God. I will turn 40 despite and because of every moment that has been, to greet every moment that will be.

And I will be 40.


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