Celebrate Life Half Marathon

As I prepare internally for the offering of this race – I turn to God in thanksgiving for those who have fought and overcome Cancer and for the support networks of loved ones and caregivers and Myriam Loor and all the volunteers and contributors to this event. I thank you for the ability to run and the amazing people in my life who bring me hope. I ask for healing, of body, soul and heart for all those affected by Cancer and all who face any physical and emotional challenge, sometimes so depleting. I pray especially for all those who struggle with mental illness. I pray for the memory of those who have gone before us, both those taken by Cancer and other illnesses and tragedies. May we find comfort in faith and love. God, please let all who read this lift up their intentions. May I carry them along with the names on the handkerchief around my ankle. I run today not for time or place or even start to finish, but those first steps forward, knowing that we all need them for various reasons in our lives. Let me be whole in You.

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