38 Eve

I asked for clarity and it was given to me. Power thought, from prayerful meditation – choices that have not brought the results we hoped for are not a victim of wasted time, but a catalyst for time reallocated to learning. We live forward. Much more to write on this soon. Tonight, on 38 Eve, I prepare to bid farewell to 37, though not its lessons. I am excited for the story in my eyes to be further realized in my efforts to remain rooted in hope. I look forward to help Face It Forward with the amazing people in each and every one of you. You are! May I live truly and fully, honoring both the child and adult in me. I want to sew gratitude in my steps, for the impact each person has made on me. I am going to own the sensitivity that is a challenge because the raw hurt I feel for the person living on the street or the couple fighting in the store has the ability to drive goals of change. I will continue to meet people who will hold me accountable to nurturing myself too. Yes, 38 is great.


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