Light Lives

Let me be a truth light into lives,
my words and actions contradicting
lies of a culture that’s become
devised of negativity and living in
For these days are numbered,
but the future – ours, remains, for the
taking, embracing, helping to sustain
those suffering, searching underneath
the pain of confusion, bewildered,
needing hope to regain faith it
can change.
May my life scars be the stars
leading travelers through the night,
a purpose far more worth it than the
fight for more to own and to be known
for power and ranked success alone.
Alone, yes alone, feel so many souls,
that have been twisted and turned,
with the blindfold sewn on, than let go
to walk on, to hold on to wanting…
and wanting.
YOU have words of justice, that can
be thrust into trustless places, and raise
up the broken pieces and repair them
with precious graces and faith in each
trace of a moment – say them.
The prayers that we share, the most
powerful warfare against despair.
Raise them up.
Breathe in peace that the dissonance
in the distance is ours to dissipate
with great reward.
Let me be a truth light into lives.

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