Start and Finish

They did the whole 5k!

We were in the first group to start and were the last 3 to finish, but that only added to the beauty. Special emotion added with Ephraim’s physical therapist since kindergarten, joining us in the final stretch to cheer us on and encourage and congratulate Ephraim, the PBHS student who came and joined us to the finish. A fun pre-race picture at the rainbow arch. A new friend letting them paint his scrubs! An old friend high fiving them.

Life is about hope.

Ephraim, born with brain damage, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, allergies and asthma. Kira struggling to find her balance and control the bad feelings, yet to be diagnosed. Me stepping onward. A beautiful, colorful day. The Color Run. A walk/run for the three of us starting and ending at the high school I graduated from, in the town I have grown in and love, with the majestic mountains I grew up on in the distance. Nana and Papa beaming as they did cheering for me at races there so many years ago. Friendly, loving faces around us. And a wonderful lunch at home with good company.
Thank you God for this fabulous day.


Photo Credit – John Kidd – The Pine Bush Quarterly

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